Music video for BEARR. ft. Steve Cherry - Playtime
Vanmiddag Zal Het Regenen
An elderly man tries to tell his wife, who is suffering from dementia, that she will soon have to move to a care facility, but he postpones his somber message to immerse himself in her fantasy.
44.1 Khz
A short film about a sound recordist looking for inspiration.
A documentary about two queer friends and activists from Rotterdam, Sam and Lee, want to work for a better world. But with so much injustice in the world they want to fight for, how do they take care of their own well-being?
VFX - Extrema Outdoor
A visual effects project showing the expansion of industry in recent decades.
VFX - Face Morph / Erase
For the film Mirror War, I erased and morphed some faces.
VFX - Down the Rabbit Hole
Landscape altering VFX to create a representation of Alice's 'Wonderland'
Verspilde tijd
A music video for Esther de Jong's single 'Verspilde Tijd'.
Als Skien Dansen Wordt
A woman with stage-4 lung cancer ignores her husband's complaints to go skiing one last time.
Broodje Aap
Three scary stories for a children's series.
De Aardappeleters
An absurdist fairytale about potato farmers in 1800.
Welcome to the Village - Aftermovie
Make a Wish - Madelief
Short doc for the Make A Wish foundation.
A female soldier faces more than one battle during war.
A Place Where Reality Lies
A documentary examining the truth in documentary filmmaking.
I'm too sad to tell you
Two people perform a dispairing, muddy dance.
A desperate man performs a graveyard ritual.
Zwarte Piste
Two estranged sisters accidentally kill their mother.
Quarterlife Cruisers
When the car is fine, but the people break down.
Uit De Hand
A man needs to ask for more than one hand in marriage.
Two burglars sneak into a house to steal back what they lost.
How far would you go to get the house of your dreams?
When childsplay loses its innocence, you'd better not end up as the toy.
75 Jaar Bevrijd
Which stories are hiding in your attic?
Even If
Music video for Gitta de Ridder's single 'Even If'.
Ghost Limb
When a final desparate attempt to reach a loved one is unsuccessful, rage takes over.
Van Mij
An intense music video for Esther de Jong's single 'Van Mij'.
The Wild
A woman battles an ever growing force of nature.
A minimalist music video for BlackboxRed's single 'Julie'