Even though we might want them to, or sometimes naively believe them to be, documentaries aren’t objective windows onto the real world. They are interpretations, readings, testimonies. But if they can’t be considered accurate depictions of reality, what distinguishes them from fiction? ‘A Place Where Reality Lies’ is a dog chasing its own tail: a documentary, in which a director sets out to investigate how other documentarians go about depicting reality.
I tried to make a documentary and got tangled up in the truth. The truth gobbled me up, and there, in the belly of the whale, all of the thick, wet walls looked the same. Sometimes, the truth and its negation look the same. It’s not that we want to lie, it just kind of happens.
- Ciska Meister, Director
The film itself is still doing its festival tour, so will not be viewable here until it is publicly available.