De Thuiskomst
A young woman comes home to find her father moving on from her mother's death while she is still in mourning.
Falling Into Place
A marrative fashion film about connection.
Burnt Out
A short family drama playing out in a restaurant
Vanmiddag Zal Het Regenen
An elderly man tries to tell his wife, who is suffering from dementia, that she will soon have to move to a care facility, but he postpones his somber message to immerse himself in her fantasy.
Vrouw en Recht
"Women and Rights", a documentary about a safe place for women to get legal advice.
About Face
In hot escape from the law, petty cyber criminal Saul forces his girlfriend Marla to undergo a transformative operation, changing her appearance and revealing her imprisonment to the relationship.
A documentary about two queer friends and activists from Rotterdam, Sam and Lee, want to work for a better world. But with so much injustice in the world they want to fight for, how do they take care of their own well-being?
44.1 Khz
A short film about a sound recordist looking for inspiration.
Verspilde tijd
A music video for Esther de Jong's single 'Verspilde Tijd'.
Als Skien Dansen Wordt
A woman with stage-4 lung cancer ignores her husband's complaints to go skiing one last time.
De Aardappeleters
An absurdist fairytale about potato farmers in 1800.
Broodje Aap
Three scary stories for a children's series.
A female soldier faces more than one battle during war.
A Place Where Reality Lies
A documentary examining the truth in documentary filmmaking.
I'm too sad to tell you
Two people perform a dispairing, muddy dance.
Van Mij
An intense music video for Esther de Jong's single 'Van Mij'.