Tim (born 1989) is a filmmaker from the Netherlands. He studied at the Academy for Popculture in Leeuwarden, with a heavy focus on concept development and storytelling. 
His films are an exploration of the mundane:
A look into the lives of ordinary people who tackle problems in an extraordinary way.

The first film projects he worked on were music videos, starting in 2013. A curiosity for the technical side (animation, editing, coloring), combined with a love for storytelling, eventually lead Tim to the land of short film.
His graduation film 'What happens when you jump?' (2015) was the first experiment—a film about a depressed CEO trying to find a replacement for the city's recently deceased superhero. 
In 2016, with friends from the Academy, he entered the 48 Hour Film Project for the first time, a worldwide film competition, as production team 'Kokosnoten'. They created 'Ritus'—a story about a desparate son trying to revive his mother through ritual—for which Tim was a writer and editor. This short film won the competition and was screened at Filmfestival de Cannes. The success continued with Kokosnoten's second film 'Bodem'—about a father afraid of his sadistic son—with Tim as writer and director, which also won the competition. Two more Kokosnoten films followed: 'Lappen' and 'Juk', for which he was a writer.
At the end of 2017, Tim teamed up with producer Ferdi Çelik and actress Karlijn Koel, with whom he started MARMERMIJN Films. To explore style and expand their network, they made three more short films as part of the 48HFP. Their first, 'Inbreuk' (Stolen)—about a couple with a dangerous plan to revive their lovelife—won the competition. The second, 'Verkocht!' (Sold!), placed fourth, and the third film 'Uit de Hand' (Out of Hand) placed second. All three films are currently on an international filmfestival run, playing in festivals like Linea d'Ombra in Italy, and Comedy Cluj in Romania.