I was born in a tiny village that revolved around itself, not too concerned with the rest of the world. And although I eventually needed more than stories about soccer, the local hermit, and how awesome it is to drink beer... growing up there did leave an impression on me:
Most people's life stories don't revolve around world politics, getting famous, or philosophical conundrums. Most people's stories revolve around much simpler, personal problems:
They want to know whether the person they like, likes them back. 
Or if their mom is going to survive her cancer treatment.
Or even simply, if the store is going to be out of hagelslag again.
And nobody deals with these problems in the same way.
There is infinite potential in that. To take the mundane things of life and put a tiny twist on them.
A look into the lives of ordinary people, who tackle their problems in an extraordinary way.
Those are the kinds of stories I want to tell. Stories that probably won't happen in real life, but that are so relatable that we can't help but see ourselves in them. Stories that don't tell you the perfect way to deal with a situation, but a human way to deal with them, however imperfect it is.
If you think along similar lines, let's have a cup of tea and see what stories we can come up with together.